Five Fish Foundation

The Dabbs Family

Being a parent is hard. Being a special needs parent is even harder. And some days seems absolutely impossible. Our goals for our son are simple, to be happy, to be independent and for the world to see Eli the same way we do: smart, funny and perfectly abled. We knew we wanted to start Eli early with music therapy, but nothing feels worse than knowing what your child needs and financially not being able to provide it for them. Music therapy is not covered by insurance however, it offers the biggest benefit for our son. 

The gains we have made with Eli’s music therapy have been phenomenal. His teacher has been able to pull so much out of our him that we always knew was there just waiting to be tapped into. One of his major milestones was starting a 2K preschool program this fall with his peers! With the help of Ms. Riley and music therapy, Eli is able to follow directions, make choices independently, learn his colors, verbalize his needs and wants, and he even “sings” along to songs. Music therapy is an absolute wonder and we are blessed to have a front-row seat to its power.

Music therapy is THE greatest gift we can give to our son. We believe in him in a world that sometimes doesn’t. Thank you Five Five for making this dream possible and believing in Eli too. This gift means the ability to set more goals for Eli to continue moving mountains! It’s this blessing that truly makes the impossible days seem possible and we are so grateful.

 Forever grateful,

The Dabbs Family