Five Fish Foundation


The Five Fish Foundation Scholarships purpose is to assist families of individuals with special needs by providing financial assistance for therapy-related services, programs, and products that may not otherwise be covered by insurance or other funding sources. 

Applications are now being accepted!

Deadline to submit application is September 3, 2019

Scholarship awardee’s will be announced by September 16, 2019

Scholarship Application Guidelines

Read these guidelines thoroughly before completing the scholarship application!

Scholarship Application

*Applications must be completed on the application form and received by mail on or before the due date of September 3, 2019.  Mail completed forms to:  636 Long Point Road, Unit G #125.  Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464.  Applications will not be accepted electronically or by fax*

Provider Approval Process

*It is at the sole discretion of the Five Fish Foundation Board of Directors whether a provider meets our expectations and qualifies to be our Community Partner in delivering services to our scholarship recipients